About Couch Riffs with Mike Squires

Couch Riffs is a video and podcast series created and produced by me, Mike Squires of Duff McKagan's Loaded. Many episodes I perform alone but frequently I have guests from many different backgrounds on the show. These guests are all acutely aware that this series is a first-takes-only show, much like live TV. They happily walk the high-wire with me for some fun and, often, a little bit of playful song choice. We learn and rehearse right before we shoot. But, when the red light comes on that's it. What ever happens, happens. At a time when social media and amazing technologies allow us to be nearly "perfect" this is my reaction and the most fun I can imagine (on a couch with a guitar). Of course, some of my guests are incredible players and they nail parts perfectly on the first take. I, on the other hand, am not usually one of those people.

While recording these performances and conversations I also create a podcast episode which can be found on this website and on most all of your favorite podcast platforms you listen from. If you like one of the videos you're very likely to enjoy the longer, unedited audio of the full conversation. Give a listen!

Please don't be a stranger! Write me. Send me song suggestions. Tell me who you'd like to see guest on Couch Riffs and what ridiculous song you'd love to hear them play. But, most of all please enjoy yourself, do what makes you happy and always be good to each other.